FROM Ri Char Barnes
Enjoy these adventures of a woman who only wants the same things out of life that men expect. If a man can enjoy sex with any woman he sees, why is he a stud? Yet if a woman wants the same thing, why is she called a slut?


Gail Gilmore is a slut. If you don’t believe me, just ask her. But even sluts have some standards.

Bouncing from one man to another, her legs always spread wide open, she is semi-content with her series of one night stands until her “friend” Sandy, asked her to help out. She’ll be out of town, and her husband, Jeff needs a dinner partner for an awards banquet.

What could go wrong? Run over, borrow a dress, be ready when Jeff shows. Everything is perfect, until Gail takes a quick shower. Jeff is not due home for an hour, no big deal, but…

When Gail exits the shower with only a towel drying her arms, what does she see but Jeff is standing there holding only a towel as well, ready for his shower. What is a slut supposed to do?

Really how much WON’T POWER is a slut supposed to have?

Sandy turns the one night request into a series of dinners, lunches and just nights on the town between Jeff and Gail. Ever way she turns Sandy seems set on putting Gail into compromising positions (well, she picks her own positions)with Jeff. Gail can’t believe that Sandy is unaware that she has been in bed with Jeff almost every day. But why? And what will happen when Sandy returns?

This story contains sexual encounters of a graphic and explicit nature. Content is intended for persons over age eighteen. All character are fictional and are the inventions of the writer’s imagination. Characters engaging in sexual activity are considered to be over the age of eighteen in all cases.


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