Book covers are an interesting thing for me. When I first put a short story on Amazon, I looked at other covers used for Erotic stories. I saw the same thing time after time. A sexy male holding a scantily clothed to nude woman. The first few you see can be appealing but when you see row after row of almost the same picture, it gets old fast.

I chose to try to present book covers that did not mirror the images I was seeing. One I tried, did get unfavorable feedback so I changed it. Please look at some of my more unusual covers and tell me if you think they work, or should I follow the tried and true method of a sexy couple each time?

This especially is directed at other authors. What is you opinion of stles to use, and have you seen success with one type over another? As I post each new book to Amazon, I have found that there are so many tricks involed in using the cover generator on Kindle Direct Publishing. I am not sure it is acceptable to the readers of my books and stories, but as I learn about how to use it, I keep updating my covers to provide a more polished appearance to them. There are a lot of things you can do with the Kindle Direct Publishing tools. I like them. They save me a lot of time from when I tried to make my own covers completely. And they are a lot cheaper that paying someone to do it for you. Mine may not be the best in the wold but I like most of them. Some still need twinking, but life is a journey.

Two examples of what I am talking about.

Ri Char


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