An erotic short story ***** The Rookie


Gail Gilmore needed aspirin, but when she saw John Reason searching for a box of condoms, she was curious. He obviously had never bought any before.

Following him, she saw he had planned to pick up a hooker. When they found johns before he got close, she thought she might try to help. After all he was cute and she was horny. It might be fun.

It is not often a slut can find a male virgin just looking for sex.

Gail Gilmore is a slut. If you don’t believe me, just ask her. But even sluts have standards. This is one of the first chapters of THE HOUSE ON PINEWOOD CIRCLE. Before you get too excited that this is just a tease for the book, well it sort of is, but it was originally written as a stand alone short story. Enjoy it and if you like Gail look for her in the novel or in another short story, DOUBLE TEAMED.
This story contains sexual encounters of a graphic and explicit nature. Content is intended for persons over age eighteen. All character are fictional and are the inventions of the writer’s imagination. Characters engaging in sexual activity are considered to be over the age of eighteen in all cases.


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