Abandoned Books On Amazon

I just encountered a disturbing issue.  When I get ready to publish a new short story or novel, I look for other releases on Amazon with the same title.

As I was doing so, I came across a writer who had posted a short story with a similar name.  I noted the publication date was four years old.  The author had published four short stories and a compilation of them in one book.  As they were only twenty or less pages each and were marked for sale at $3.99 to $4.99 with the group at $5.99, I do believe they were selling at that price for they were ranked 650,000 and into the 900,000’s.

My issue is that this just clogs the search for titles on Amazon.  I wonder if Amazon could institute a policy where if a book showed no action in over three or four years (either by the author or the public) a renewal would be required to keep it on line. It might clear the deadwood out so authors trying to get noticed might have a shot.

If anyone knows how to suggest this to Amazon, please let me know, I would help spread the word.

Ri Char


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