POV for Erotic Stories

I recently read a great blog by Faith Tyler concerning the gender of erotic writers. I was going to comment directly on her blog, but felt I had more to say on the issue, than a simple quick quip.  It got me thinking about my own stories and novels.  As you read this you will see how I digress from her point of view to a whole different topic, sorry but this is really just a stream of conscience at times.


In her comments she explained that often feminine sounding writer’s names were more than likely males.  She was probably correct in many cases.  The telltale points, as she put it, being the way the female heroine was treated or responded.


When I first started writing, many, many years ago, my first novel, (yet to be published) was a science fiction story.  At the time, few such stories were written from the female point of view, so of course my story took a male slant, and my intended pen name was masculine in nature.


Once I hit upon Kindle Direct Publishing, a whole new world opened up to me as a writer.  No longer was I constrained by trying to fight my way though the world of agents and multifaceted publishing houses with their premature judgments of a writer just by the sound of the name (female, male, or all of the above).  I could write what I wanted and present it to the world in my own way.


At first the words spilled out rapidly in the form of novels.  Too fast at times.  I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work involved in putting a finished product on the market.  The re-write, the cover, all had to be done, then redone.  Bored with the process I began to pen short stories.  They began in part because of my reading what others had published on Amazon.  Reading many of the stories, I was appalled by the lack of editing for one thing, as well as the poorly presented views in sex scenes.


In an effort to improve my own writing, I follow many blogs concerning writing.  I found beta reader blogs on Facebook to be very helpful. While others would read my works, I had the opportunity to read many other struggling writers attempts.


Now back to my original point.  It seemed to me that the vast amount of stories being submitted to Amazon had a male slant, no matter the name listed as author.  I began to experiment with short stories of my own.  I currently have several on Amazon.  In watching my limited sales and give away numbers, the stories with the females subservient to the males tend to move faster.  Even stories written first person female, do better if the woman lets the man take the lead.


The conclusion I have drawn from my limited exposure to the demands of readers is a tendency to want women who are quick to have orgasms and men who last all night long.  Both cases are seldom true in real life, but from personal experiences, it may be more true for women than men.  Given the right circumstances, a woman who is predisposed to having a sexual encounter might have worked her mind up to be ready for such an event long before the man even arrives on the scene.  In that case, very little simulation is required for an orgasm.  Sadly, if a man has the same predisposition for such an encounter, he is more than likely to be fighting premature ejaculation, rather than a long slow bout of making love.


With that in mind, I tend to write my stories making women have rapid and multiple orgasm while the men last forever.  Stories are not reality, (they are not intended to be) they are out there to simulate the reader’s mind, and body sometimes.  It is the job of the writer to find the points of view that please the most readers as possible.  If that means sounding more masculine in style, then often the writer might do that.


A short story I wrote called “Frat Party” was written from a first person view of a young woman.  She got involved in a gang bang situation.  When I wrote the story, it was just to see if it would “sell”, most of my short stories were written to be given away, but I call them sales.  I disliked the story.  Multiple men having both oral and anal sex with her (which I haven’t tried, so had to guess as to the true feelings) did not excite me.  But as soon as I put it up, it began moving.


Maybe I’m appealing to mostly men, but short stories I have put out with a more feminine point of view are not doing as well.  Maybe that’s why Faith saw so many males using female names.


Just my thoughts on the subject.


One thought on “POV for Erotic Stories

  1. Hi Ri Char Barness (love the name!) Very insightful post, definitely makes me ponder the questions you raised. As a new writer in the erotica genre (first book out later this year), I want to express my support to you as a fellow writer. Keep going, follow the original thread of your inspiration. Sounds like you have a unique voice.

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