What should you set your price at for your story?


As still a novice at the selling part of this, my opinion may not mean much.  I think we must distinguish between novel, novellas and short stories.


I have several short stories on Amazon which are priced at $.99, but I regularly have free give away days for different titles.  From the first day I posted my first short story, I had no thought of making money on them.  They are there for two reasons.  Both are in reality the same thing.  To get people to know who I am, by reading my works, or reading reviews of them.  Once people know who I am, maybe they might gravitate toward my novels.


The price of a novella should reflect the extra work required to write it.  Unless you are using it as a get aquainted bridge it should reflect a higher price.  I would never give one away.


Novels can be hard to price.  As a novice in this field, I want people to read my books, but if I price them too low, (I think $2.99 is as low as any novels should be priced.)  people may not think it worth of buying.  Price it too high and it may scare away potential buyers. My first novel is priced at $2.99, however my next one will hit the market much higher.  It is not that I am selling a lot of books, I just feel with the passage of time, I must take a stand on the value of my works.



  1. I was published a decade ago, and then took a 10-year break for health reasons. My full-length novel on is priced as low as I could make it to build a following again: $1.99 (and that constitutes 5 rewrites for a 400 page book). I want to be able to make money at some point in my career. I just took a job ghost-writing a business book, which will cut into my fiction time, but I will keep plugging. It takes time. I’m learning something everyday. I’m doing novellas for $0.99. As I build a following, the prices, of course, will go up. I always tell people that, regardless of the price, authors makes pennies per hour instead of dollars per hour. And writing a good book is hard work. I think that’s the perception that I have the most trouble with. People think authors sit down and the words just come. It’s easy. NOT! I can work 8 hours on a cover, and I’ve done graphics arts! Try not to get discouraged. I almost gave up this time, thinking I didn’t know the new rules and I couldn’t compete with the electronics. What saved me? I’ve been reviewing books. I enjoy reviewing books. I mean, I’m going to read anyway. Some people appreciate my honesty; some don’t. But I can’t be anything but what I am. I purchased a marketing book, which I never read, by the way. I’m going to read it now! Why was this Canadian author selling $4000 in books a month? Because she was damn good! That’s what matters. We are never paid for our value and our worth until we have created an audience. I hope you get there. I will go to amazon and find your books. Thank you. Deborah Bowman

    • I’ve only have one novel on there now, the rest are SHORT stories. If you want to read any of them, wait until the weekends. I put one a week up for free to try to build the following you are talking about. They tend to be highly erotic so be warned.

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