Self Publishing vs Publishing Houses

The question I present to my readers today is one I asked myself not long ago.  Which way should I go with my books and short stories?


The obvious answer for short stories is self publishing.  Normal publishers are not capable of publishing one short story at a time. Maybe a collection, but I find that rare in my looking through book stores.  So if I am to publish short stories, then a place like Amazon with Kindle E Books is my choice.


If I am using Amazon E Books for my short stories, why not put my novels there as well?  I went the old school method for months, receiving rejection letters stating that I did not fit into their current goals.


It was then I had to make a choice.  What was my long term goal?  Was it to be rich and/or famous?  Or was it to let others read my works, and hopefully enjoy them?  At my age, fame and fortune seem out of the question.  Normal publishing methods take a year or two to get my first novel published if I’m lucky enough to find a publisher.  To publish more will take as long.  I’m too impatient for such things.


So I put it to any who care to answer.  If you have published which way did you go and why?  Also if you self published how long has it taken to find a following?


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