Female Orgasms

I recently read a blog concerning the female orgasm, actually several that were related to the experience.  One woman stated she had an disagreement with a male friend over women and orgasms during sex.  The male claimed ‘ALL’ his partners had orgasms.  She found that impossible.  Either he was lying or his partners were faking it.

I take a third position.  She didn’t press him for his technical expertise.  Maybe he was one of the few men out there who coincide a woman’s needs first.  While it maybe true that most women do not have orgasms during ‘normal’ sexual encounters, many do.

I believe that most women who have orgasms during sex, have it prior to actual penetration, or during intercourse because of very thoughtful foreplay by their partners.

Because I take this third position, most of my stories and novels have women who enjoy the pleasures of multiple orgasms.  Not because I expect my heroines to be faking it or to be overly sexed (as the expression goes), but rather to be in the arms of men who care for them.

Another option was expressed in a way that could prove to be interesting.  There apparently have been studies to show that just the mind can bring on an orgasm for a woman.  The article was confusing as to whether it was a normal orgasm with all of its side effects, or just the overall feeling of being sated without the mess.  I can accept the second position.  So saying, if a woman is so excited mentally before an encounter, it would make perfect sense that she would experience an orgasm with little work other than penetration from the male.

I guess you could argue this point from many sides, depending on personal experiences, so let’s just agree to disagree if you do not agree with my points.


2 thoughts on “Female Orgasms

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  2. I happen to agree with you and the article covering the study on the subject of women having mental orgasms. I depend on myself having them based on my ability to mentally make it happen. I visualize with my eyes closed what’s being done to me, and I of course feel it too. Good long foreplay helps a ton as well. I end up having different intensities of orgasms when pleased orally, digitally, or with his penis. Well, they are all very intense, it’s just a little different for each type of stimulation. It’s hard to explain, which I’m sure you understand. 😉

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