Boys will be boys, but spare us girls the pathetic pick-up lines

What a great piece of advise. All men should read it.

words are all i have

By patti dawn swansson

So, I’m walking the sidewalks of downtown Victoria on a lovely afternoon in autumn. The sun is warm and welcoming, and an ever-so-gentle breeze is flirting with my long, red and streaked-blonde locks. It’s a good day to be a free spirit.

Or so I thought.

While in rapture, I turn left off Broad Street onto Johnson and I hear a voice to my right.

“Are you single?”

I look over my shoulder and there walking toward me is a fiftysomething man with a crooked, creepy grin and a hairpiece that looks like the pelt from a dead skunk.

“Excuse me?” I say.

“Are you single?”

Eeeeuw. El creepo.

I hasten my pace. So does he, all the while nattering about my hair and wondering if I’m single.

It isn’t until I escape into a Best Western hotel that I shed myself of Mr. Skunk Head…

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