Writing can be such a thrill, or a grind.  Each day I attempt to put words to “paper”.  Some days it is easier than others.  But then comes the hard part.  Reading the words that I have written.  When I first took it upon myself to dedicate myself to my writing, these last tasks were forgotten.  I was content to put words down and move on.

I even had a smug feeling that after a few re-reads, my works were exceptionally well written.  What a joke that is.  I just recently read that Walt Whitman was still reworking ‘Blades of Grass’ on his deathbed.  No writer should consider their work complete until they die.  There is always something you could have done better.

But is it perfect, or just ready for the public to read?  When you release it to the public, it is time for the reviews.

Reviews!  Writers all pray for them.  Good or bad I want them so I can see where I stand as a writer.  But what about the one that is totally basis?

I got a bad review, which did not bother me too much.  I expect good and bad reviews for the same work.  But I looked at the reviewers list of reviews.  Twenty five were posted in a two day span.  Six were full length novels up to 450 pages.  There were works with over two thousand four hundred pages listed.  Maybe they were holding the reviews.  But close to a thousand pages were published in the last two weeks.  A lot of reading.  Wish I could read or even write that fast.

That review did not bother me.  My next bad review did!

I read the story they had panned.

My word, if I had read that from another author, I would not have been so kind in my review as to give it a two star, maybe a minus two star would be more like it. 

Reviews, good or bad we all look for them.  Please take the time to review a book the next time you read one.  It might help the writer to improve.


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