Looking for beta readers

My latest novel is ready for publishing, (I hope) and I would like feedback.

Please email me if interested at bookwriter2013@aol.com

Story line:

Once upon a time there was a lonely school teacher.  A sad soul, with no real life close friends.  All her family had long since moved away. She stumbled onto an Internet world called an Another Place.  It was a world filled by people with flaws in real life.  Yet in the fantasy world everything was perfect.  Everyone was beautiful.

Angela Johnson, at fifty-three was far too old to embark on a life of playing fantasy games she told herself.  Somehow the world of Another Place did not act like a game.  Meeting a kindred spirit in Audrey Holden online, a world of possibilities opened up to her.  No longer dreading going home alone, she longed for the reality she found on her computer screen.  Two lost souls bumping along a pathway of imagination that could take them anywhere they wanted to go.

How far into the world of make believe would she allow herself to be sucked?      Would the real life man who called his avatar, Spenser Vanderbilt be as flawed as she was?  On the screen she lived a life she had never dreamed possible.  Dinner, dancing, partying into the wee hours of the night.  And the sex, wow.  Real life had never been like that.

She was rapidly spiraling into the fantasy world.  How deep would she go? Delving deeper into the strange world of make believe, she began to question what was real and what wasn’t.  At times the events on the screen had their own reality that carried over into her physical form.  Could she keep them separate?  Did she want to?

Any review on Goodreads or Amazon would be grateful after publishing.

The book is 52,000 words.


This book contains sexual encounters of a graphic and explicit nature. Content is intended for persons over age eighteen.  All characters are fictional and are the inventions of the writer’s imagination. Characters engaging in sexual activity are considered to be over the age of eighteen in all cases.

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