When I first began this blog I anticipated that I would be writing on it once or twice a week. That was before real life took hold of me. Since last June it seems that I haven’t had no time to even read my own blog much less add to it. To any who have read it and feel that I have let them down, you have my apology.

A couple years ago I decided that I have spent too many years with stories in my head that I wanted to write. I made about to myself that I would begin writing on a regular basis. That lasted slightly less than two years. I did produce thousands of pages in that time. Some of which I have put on Amazon.

I find it very comforting to look at the numbers for my titles, both short stories and novels. When I began I had no idea that people would actually pay to buy some of my short stories. I did not put them online to make money, neither have I put my novels online to make money. I put them online so that people would read them and recognize me as a writer. With that in mind I have put most of the short stories and all of the novels in a rotating sequence in which they occasionally will show up to be given away for free.

My goal in giving away my work for free is twofold. The first is as stated to get my name in front of the public. The second is a desire for feedback from readers in the form of reviews. Unfortunately even with thousands of my titles been downloaded for free I do not see a great many reviews. I am interested in reviews of any type. If a reader is displeased by my work I would like to know so that I can do something to correct that work for future works to make it more palatable to the general public.

I have the time now to spend with the blog and working on new short stories and novels. I hope any who have read any of my works will leave a review.

Thank you,


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