Discount novel

I am pleased to announce my novel is in the Kindle Countdown Deal promotional program.

HER INHERITANCE will be available February 4 for just  $.99  for a limited time only. Don’t miss this chance at this reduced price.

If you enjoy a little mystery, some paranormal of events, lots of erotic love, all set in Ireland. You will enjoy this story.

Look for your copy on February 4.


New Novel

I am pleased to announce the release of my second novel.  It is entitled HER INHERITANCE.  It took longer than I had hoped, but it is ready at last.  I hope you will enjoy this new story.


Helen Mills is content to be the plain, shy woman in cubical three.  Though only twenty three, she considers herself on the fast track to the life of an old maid. 

Who would send her a check for ten thousand dollars with a one way ticket to Ireland to claim Her Inheritance?  Her Inheritance turns out to be a five hundred year old castle complete with a devoted staff.  What does a shy Boston woman do with a castle?

Ireland’s a land full of tales of strange events.  Finding a gold cross buried long ago on a gravel path just as a shot rings out starts a whole new mystery?  Who or what is Eevul?  Is Eevul really a Banshee or just a beautiful young woman?

Within days of arriving in Ireland, a traveling painter, Canyon Parnell agrees to paint her portrait so she too can hang on the castle walls with all the previous owners.

Seeing the well traveled Canyon for the first time, she’s drawn to him.  Tall, lean, well tanned, who wouldn’t lust for him?  Willing to give herself to him completely, he seems to rebuff her every approach.  Is she really so ugly to him?  What must  she do to win his love?  Love?  A single night in his bed would be enough to satisfy her.

Helen feels only that one night in Canyon’s bed will complete her life.  She’s willing to do anything for that one night.  But why won’t he accept her?  What must she do when he turns down her every advance?  What will make him look at her? 



This book contains sexual encounters of a graphic and explicit nature.  Content is intended for persons over age eighteen.  All characters are fictional and are the inventions of the writer’s imagination.  Characters engaging in sexual activity are considered to be over the age of eighteen in all cases.



I really enjoyed this. The story and characters all worked together to complete the story. Plus I have a fascination with Ireland so that’s a plus there too.


 I really enjoyed your book.  It was full of so many interesting concepts…folk lore, ghosts, beautiful characters with substance and suspense.  I loved how you explained wardrobe choices.  I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t like about it. 🙂



I just finished your book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. While it started off a little slow, it took off and kept me interested throughout.  It is a good romance story! The characters are well developed as is the story line, and you left it so that you can write a second book if you want. Thank you for having me beta read this.