Book Reviews (a subject dear to all of our hearts!)

Some great ideas for struggling new writers. I especially like the reverse color technique, I will need to try that. I have found many of my own mistakes listening to a text to speech read back. That has been very helpful.

BowmanAuthor and Writer/Editor

Those of you who follow my blog, and especially my tweets, know that I’ve been extremely ill this winter. It comes with the territory, unfortunately, when you have SLE–Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’ve been dealing with this over 20 years so I know what to do, which means becoming a recluse for the winter! But it does give me time to do something very important, which is review other authors’ works.

I’ve reviewed about 7 books in the past two weeks and really found some gems, including one diamond! “It Really IS Rocket Science!” by BH Branham. Also, anything by Donna Zadunajsky is really worth the read. For children, I strongly recommend, “Sam, The Super Kitty” by M. Lovato! It’s just adorable.

I haven’t been totally idle with my own writing, but it is hard to make sense when your fever’s 103–lol. I’ve written five chapters for the next novella…

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One thought on “Book Reviews (a subject dear to all of our hearts!)

  1. Ri Char, So good to hear again from you, and thanks so, so much for the reblog. I’m sure you can tell reviews are an important subject for me, as they are for all authors! I hope your writing is going well. I’ll pick up another of your books to review. Right now, I have 6 or 7 ahead of you, but I never forget our first contact!

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